Junior Mentorship


Junior Mentorship or JM for short, is a group of developers, designers, data engineers and data scientist that have come together to collectively mentor juniors through projects they want to build.

The objective is to give our mentees a glimpse of how squads inside of large enterprise organizations operate creating an easier path into these orgs.

We take care of training you on the core skills you’ll need to get the job done, putting you onto a group based project that will allow you to showcase your skills all while ensuring you have the support required along the way.


To kick off the mentorship, you’ll be given 2 weeks of training which will vary depending on whether you’d like to go down the Data Path or the Developer Path. By the end of the two weeks, you should be comfortable with the high level basics and be ready to jump into a project to put what you’ve learnt to the test.


Once you’ve finished your training you’ll be put into a squad which traditionally consists of 4 different skill-sets:

  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Project Manager

Note: the project manager role will be played by a mentor

The squad will propose and then vote on projects that meet conditions set by the project manager. Once the project is agreed upon, a road map will be laid out, tasks will be assigned and you can officially start hacking.

Project requirments

  • Core KPIs can be communicated easily
  • Can be built using React & NodeJs
  • The project focuses on individual consumers (B2C)

Once the squad has completed the project, we’ll do a round-up.


The goal of the round-up is to ensure that everyone understands how the project is architected, can explain how everything works in detail and has a solid understanding of the path they choose.

A quick story telling session will be held in order to frame the project in a light that a hiring manager can engage with easily. We’ll spend a little extra time explaining the psychology behind getting hired and what boxes you should be looking to tick-off to maximize your chances of success.

With that, we’ll send you on your way with introductions to a couple partner recruiters and (time permitting) assist you with any applications.