Junior Mentorship

Data Path

2019-04-20 Ajay AjaalHow it works

Are you an aspiring analyst, data scientist or data engineer? Do you want to learn the ins and outs of marketing, re-marketing and personalization? If so, you’ve come to the right place.


High performers in the data world tend to have a blend of skills that allow them to bridge the gap between various areas a business has to think about. They need to be able to collect and analyze data effectively but also communicate their findings in an easy to digest manner that allows their stake holders to take action on their insights.

The objective of the data path is to set you on your way to becoming one of these high performers by giving you experience performing a variety of tasks and looking at projects through different stakeholders eyes.


We’ll provide the tool specific training required to satisfy most job interviews but beyond the tools, we’ll teach you how they work and what value they provide to the business.

Its important to understand that tools are merely a way for a company to buy capabilities without investing in any infrastructure or maintenance. Understand the problem the tools solve in depth, be curious as to how they work & all you’ll ever have to re-learn is the new UI of whatever tool you end up using.


Once you’ve grasped the basics of the data path, understood how to customize, integrate and optimize the tools used to drive business value. We’ll take that knowledge and put it to good use, through a group project intended to highlight your newly acquired skill-set and ability to work within a team.

You’ll be working with a couple developers and a mentor that will play the role of project manager. Together you’ll agree on a project, break everything down into tasks and start sprinting towards the finish line with full support of your project manager.

Round Up

By the end of the mentorship you’ll walk away with a new found understanding of the way data is used within large organizations. Be able to design and develop your own data collection strategies, take that data and analyze it before actioning it through personalization or pitching business changes to stakeholders.