Junior Mentorship

Watching The Watchers

2019-05-12 Ajay AjaalProjects

Have you ever wondered how that weird website you visited once is suddenly all over your social media? Are you curious as to who is monitoring your web usage and how they’re doing it?


We’re going to write some code with the intention of watching the watchers. In order to do that, we’ll need to develop specialist knowledge in adtech, learn how browser extensions work, collect and aggregate data as well as analyze and visualize it.

In short, the project is going to give you a well rounded view of everything you need to land your first job as an analyst or data engineer.


Create a chrome extension (our browser of choice) to monitor:

  • User behavior online
  • The third party scripts a website injects into a page

The data-set will be rich with browser specific information and will monitor the users usage (time on page, page engagement, time to load) as well as third party scripts.

Data Output

Once we have an extension that watches the watchers. We’ll start to make use of that data, designing dynamic visualizations and finally an exploratory jupyter notebook.

The metrics we’ll be covering and analyzing are intended to mimic the digital metrics collected by large enterprise organizations on their own web properties.

How do we build this thing?

We’ll write some javascript, design a database, write some python all using 100% free tools. Its amazing what you can get done if you’re pointed in the right direction and motivated not to spend a penny!


  • 2 Data Engineers
  • 1 Data Scientist
  • Project Manager


Usually the training phase for our projects are two weeks, for this one we’ll be cutting it down to 1 week in order to focus more on the project itself.

As for the project, once we’ve broken down tasks into tasks we’ll have a better idea but for now the guestimate is ~10 weeks.